Whoooo it’s update time!

SpiderForest’s recent application season yielded a bunch of awesome new comics for our collective!  Unfortunately, at the time of this posting we don’t have a comprehensive list yet as (I think) we’re still waiting on some replies to our acceptance e-mails.  EDIT 8/5  All comics have responded to our invite!  Check out the full list here:

From the Machine

Soul to Call


Altar Girl


Star Cross’d Destiny



As far as The Ironclad Man goes, I’ve actually been working overtime producing pages lately, and if you check out my TWC vote page, you’ll already see a preview of next week’s page.  As we’re closing in on the end of Episode 2, I’ve been redoubling my efforts building up a buffer to get back into a page-a-week schedule (how long as it been since that was a thing around here???) until it’s finished, thanks in no small part to the help of Heather.  On top of that, I’ve tapped some outside help in the form of my good friend Ki to illustrate the next intermission, so that should go up pretty quickly once this episode’s done.  I’ll be using that time to build up a healthy buffer for Episode 3, and getting back on track with regular page updates.

In the meantime, go read those comics!