Ha ha ha I went through with like 10 updates for the site that I’ve been putting off since September, but it actually wasn’t so bad.  Sorry if you came by and the site was wonky, that’s because I don’t know how to update a ComicPress site in offline mode so I just live edit because I’m an incredible idiot with back-end web stuff.

Soon now, I’m going to be updating the Characters page (which is probably going to see a rename, like Codex or something less dumb, who knows).  It’s going to A: not look horrible, and B: contain several articles I’ve written about the TIM world at large (mythology, geo-political stuff, standard worldbuilding info).  I’ve been preparing a lot of that stuff for a while now, so I’ll probably push that update out soon.

Also!  SpiderForest is going to be re-opening applications starting July 1st until July 24th.  If you have a comic and want to apply, you can find all the info here.