A couple weeks ago, our ferret Cyrano (named after Neil Patrick Harris’s grub-seeking ferret from Starship Troopers) passed away.

He was found out in the wild, skin and bones with thin brittle fur.  He was so weak and decrepit-looking that we thought he was ancient, and decided we’d give him a good place to live comfortably for his last few days.  After we took him in, though, we took him to the vet, and couldn’t freaking believe it when they said he couldn’t be more than two years old!  And thus was he our unplanned ferrethood, as Ki is fond of saying.  About a month later, he was plump and happy with thick, soft fur and boundless energy.

I can’t imagine why someone would toss him out into the wild, but it’s something that happens all the time when people realize how much care and attention ferrets need.  Cyrano ended up being the most gentle, loving ferret you could ask for.  He never nipped, and tried desperately to make friends with our cats every day for his whole life (they weren’t interested, sadly).  We still haven’t found all of his thief dens yet… he’s hidden a fair amount of our stuff, including Ki’s first set of car keys (which remain lost).

The pictures above are kind of horrible, but they’re the only ones I have on my phone.  Ki took waaay more pictures — I might update this post with better ones later.

I’m not trying to bum you all out!  Cyrano lived a good, long life, and was always happy and loved making friends with neighbor kids or people at PetSmart, even the vets loved him.

Rest in peace, little man.

(see my Tumblr post for info on why it took a month to get this page done)