In the course of making this page, my video card nearly melted through the case (it’s been dying a slow but very hot death), and then in the process of upgrading my computer I blew out a fuse in the house that ruined multiple outlets.

I had bought a mid-range video card to replace my dying one, and it required a better PSU than I currently have.  In an effort to avoid shorting anything out, I got a 600W PSU to replace my 300W one… and then I shorted out several power outlets despite using a surge protector (how???).  The good news is, I did not electrocute myself while engaging in DIY electrical repair!  So we have several new outlets, I reassembled the old parts of my computer, and then hopefully I sighed loud enough for the fine folks at Corsair to feel my derision reverberate in the black chambers of their dark hearts.  The bad news is I will never trust surge protectors or PSUs or anything electrical ever again.