ugh this page

I may still pick at this page over the weekend, I dunno.  I guess this is one of those rare times you’ll be able to say “you should probably do this” to a webcomic artist and actually see them do it instead of telling you to fuck the hell off, since I’ll likely be revising some of the art here.  MAYBE.  We’ll see.  I don’t think I have so many readers that this will result in a deluge of comments telling me exactly where and how terrible my art is.  Oh but hey!  Speaking of comments…

I’ve finally installed Disqus in the comment system, so I’ll spend less time dealing with spam comments (a lot less time!).  For as long as the comic has been up, I have been the bulwark standing between you and a crazy amount of Russian spam comments.  Now that Disqus is on down there, you can just use your Disqus account, and hopefully I’ll be wading through a lot less spam.

Also, SpiderForest is still accepting applications from webcomic artists until August 24th (more info here).  If you have a webcomic, or you know someone with a webcomic, go ahead and tell them about this!  It’s a great place to boost your comic’s exposure, but you can also just shoot the breeze with other webcomic artists — as I said on the last blog entry, having people to talk to about your comic is incredible.  They (and I, obviously) can help you when you’re stuck writing, or if you just need some art tips.  Check us out, and don’t be afraid to join the forums and introduce yourself!  Even if you don’t get in, we’re still happy to provide feedback and help.

I think that’s all.  See you on the next page, when we finally get back to Luon, Karren, and Tens in the story proper.