oh god it’s bright out here

Hey!  SpiderForest is going to start accepting applications from webcomic artists to have their comic included in our community starting August 1st.  If you’ve got a comic, and you’re looking to link arms and dance into the sunset with a bunch of other artists, then you should apply!

Applications are accepted from August 1st – 24th.  After that (between the 25th-31st), the SpiderForest community comes together and votes on whether or not to allow a comic into the fold.  Not all applications are accepted, although rejection does not necessarily mean you have a poor comic.

Honestly, I couldn’t begin to tell you how helpful it is to have someone to talk about your comic with (get art tips, some help writing, etc.), and all the artists over at SF are real great people to work with.

You can find more details here.  If you’re interested in applying, do make sure to read that page thoroughly and follow directions.

(Goddamn I can’t wait for application season.  I’m looking forward to seeing all those new webcomics out there.)