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someone stop her she’s crazy

Incidentally, if I had one piece of real criticism for the writing in The Last of Us… I would personally have never used the line, “I think that’s the last of them” after fending off a bandit attack.  Instead, I’d have used something like, “I think that’s all of them” or some variation thereof.

When I heard that, one part of my brain was like “THAT’S JUST LIKE IN THE TITLE OF THE GAME EXCEPT DIFFERENT” and the other part of my brain sighed and shook its wrinkly gross brain head, annoyed by the ‘joke’ the very instant I thought of it.  It felt like an unintentional quasi-title drop and it really stood out to me.

I’m incredible at finding nits to pick, though (and don’t think I haven’t picked enough nits to feed a nit-starved nation in my own work!).  Aside from that one line, I really can’t sing enough praises for this game.  Honestly, in complete dark and silence, The Last of Us feels like one safety malfunction away from a holodeck experience on the Enterprise (though if I were to play The Last of Us on a holodeck, give me Quark’s holosuites anytime — they actually work properly.  fuck you Starfleet holodeck engineers, fuck you so much).

I’m still in Summer though.  Maybe there’s more to nitpick later on, but so far it’s amazing.  I just wish I could read anything on the Goddamn screen (all the text is so tiny, it’s like they just assumed you’d be playing on a 50-inch TV — on our 32-inch, I can’t tell if I have 6 rounds or 8 in my gun).  I’d hate to think what the HUD would look like on my old 12-inch TV I used to play my PSX and PS2 on.