so many words.

In an effort to help all of my readers stay on top of updates, I’ve decided to use Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook to inform people when a page goes up.  I know I’m terrible at sticking to an update schedule, but this will at least give you an option to stay in the loop until I get my act together.  And hey!  If you feel like it, you can even yell at me through one of those, and I might even start posting page previews if that’s something people want.

As an added bonus for following/liking me on one (or all) of those, I’ll even hold a raffle.  At 50 follows/likes each, I’ll randomly draw a name and select that person for a free sketch (that means I’ll be handing out three sketches to three winners)!  I’ll contact each winner privately to let them know they’ve won, and to ask what they want a sketch of.  I’ll go into more information on this when the time comes.

As an added bonus to Tumblr users, I plain on putting up sketches, concept art, and cryptic previews of future episodes more often.  So if you want to stay on top of updates, or just want to follow me on Tumblr for random or TIM-related arts, there are buttons to the right of this post being ogled at by my avatar.