It’s been a while, but here we are:  Episode Three!

So a bunch of people are probably wondering what’s been happening this whole time.  The short of it is, I did have another intermission planned (featuring these fine characters), but encountered several hangups in the writing.  Basically, I decided that now wasn’t the right time to tell that story, and have shelved it for future use.  There were a few other hiccups, but the big one was the amount of work I put into that story with nothing to show for it… for now.  And so I power on ahead into Episode 3 of The Ironclad Man proper.

If you haven’t already checked it out, I did also update the first few Prologue pages of the comic.  Be sure to check those out!  I also updated the TWC vote incentive with full-size closeups of some parts of this cover.

I’m planning to start posting new pages next Friday (the 14th) August 21st ssssooon.  Keep an eye out!