UPDATE 10/29/2012:
I posted a preview of the next page on my Tumblr.  It’s not something I’m going to do regularly!  It’s not colored or resized or anything, but in the event we lose power because of Frankenstorm Sandy before I post a page here, at least there’s something for you guys.

UPDATE 10/28/2012:
So apparently there’s this gal touring through the area soon, some lady named Sandy. She sounds like kind of a bitch though, ’cause whenever anyone talks about her they’re all like, watch out for that cold front Sandy’s gonna mix with to become an amazingly terrifying storm of epic proportions.

In all seriousness, the next page may be delayed if this storm really does hit us hard. I’m still working on it, but we might lose power or our house might get turned inside-out. Who knows!

Our utilities are always pretty secure, but should things go badly for us, we’ve still got a bunch of supplies. Plus, our house is three miles away from the primary power transformer for our area, and all our power lines are below-ground, so at least we’ll be one of the first ones to get our power back if it goes out. Worst case scenario, instead of working on my comic, I’m roasting sausages over our fire pit (for which we have several logs), which is admittedly pretty bad for people who would rather read my comic than see pictures of me eating sausages (which I may upload in place of a comic).

If necessary, I will post updates about my situation on my Tumblr first! I may make another update here, but it’s just easier for me to use Tumblr. The ‘t’ button is right up there, if you’re so inclined. I may even upload pictures to my Tumblr if there’s something impressive to post, like a hundred dead bodies floating down the street while I balance precariously on the roof of my car.

So that’s that. Good luck to anyone else weathering this storm with me!


So earlier in the week, I came across this other website, ironcladman.org.

My first reaction was amusement mixed with a little bit of irritation, just a bit of bristling at someone else using my comic’s name.  I did a little background checking with “whois” registries, because I’m a bit of a psychopath, and I found that this guy Philip Chavez has bought every other ironcladman url — ironcladman.us, ironcladman.net, ironcladman.biz, etc.  The amusement kicked in because this guy was so determined to use The Ironclad Man that, upon discovering I was already parked on the choicest Internet real estate, he still plowed ahead with his plan.  Another thing that tickled me is how mano-centric his website is, as opposed to the near-total clamfest that is the cast of The Ironclad Man.

Undoubtedly, I am going to see quite a bit of this man’s traffic.

Now, I have a lot of thoughts about this guy, his site, and his mission.  One of those thoughts is that he’s a doctor with a Ph.D., and may possibly sue me for libel if I write down my other thoughts.

So instead I’ve decided to leave the whole thing alone, and just take small, petty pleasure in the image of him staring at my comic, quietly stewing over how I got here first.