Progress on the next page has been arrested by Ki “Hey let’s go to my parents” “Let’s go out to lots of different places for errands and shopping” “Let’s go to the zoo”.  It’s coming along, but the only ETA I can give is “When Ki lets me actually work”.


After this episode, I am putting a fire embargo on the rest of the series.  My goodness.

Also, holy crap I am being inundated with spam.  Thank God I set the comments so you have to be approved once before you can freely comment…

Before too long, I might have to change away from the default comment system.


Okay, in regards to the comment spam, the vast majority were linked to dummy Facebook accounts, so I just put a filter in place that automatically trashes any comment that lists a website or e-mail or whatever involving “facebook.com”.  You can still type Facebook, and other .com’s, but writing “facebook.com” filters you as a spammer.  This will probably cut back drastically on the spammers.