I should make a page update widget or something…

Anyway.  I’m almost done coloring it, so it should go up middle of Thursday.


As promised, the retcon in the previous page was:

The fire was way better.

Also I might have been drawing Tens’s cloak wrong in previous pages.

Also also, I was just absorbed by the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective.  That’s cool!  I’ll probably have more to say about it later when I really start integrating, but for now I’m grateful they let me in.  To everyone who swings by post-Collective, I say a gracious welcome.

The next page will probably go up Wednesday.  Since I’m in SpiderForest now, I’m going to step up my page production again to get back to a three-a-week schedule.  Episode One is wrapping up soon, and I’d like to get into Episode Two ASAP, since I’m already way behind schedule.  We’ll see what’s happening when we get there, though.