I explained in the previous post a little bit why I’ve been so bad at updates these past couple of weeks.

Here’s one more reason:

Recently my car just up and decided it didn’t want to start.  Now, I’ve had this car since I was a senior in High School — it’s a cheap, used Saturn that had 38,000 miles on it when I got it, and is pushing 100,000 now.  It’s been a strong performer, though, never needing any emergency maintenance.  Hell, the first and last time anything really bad happened to it, it was a transmission problem, and we were still able to drive it to the mechanic without a tow.

Today’s the first day since I got that car that it’s needed towing.

Good news though!  The car itself is actually still going strong.  The problem, hilariously enough, turned out to be an anti-theft device built into the steering column.  That device had gotten so old that it absolutely freaked right out at the realization that its life was a waste:  nobody ever tried to steal my car, and nobody ever will.  Faced with this splash of reality, it decided to seize right up and decide everybody was a thief, preventing anyone from starting the car.  Actually a relatively simple fix!

I love my car, and this could have been a WHOLE LOT worse, but it was still one more problem piled on to a bunch of things keeping me from doing my comic.

Here’s hoping next week sees more of a return to form.