Update 2


I’m on my phone right now, and our power is flickering constantly, so the page is delayed  until tommorow. Sorry! Did not expect a storm that actually affected anything.  If it messes with our air conditioning…


The page will be up late on Friday (again), but Ki’s brother is going home tomorrow so I’ll be able to work on it then.  With that rotten bastard gone, and no other things in the foreseeable future skunking up my schedule, I should be able to get everything back on track starting next week.

It’s going to be so nice around here without his constant pop-farts.  Seriously, it’s like non-stop anus blasting with that guy.  So gross.


Normally I wouldn’t use this space to talk overly much about a video game, or really anything that isn’t comic-related, but this is going to be an exception.

Mass Effect 3 spoilers below.

The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC came out yesterday, expanding on the endings, and also apparently adding a new one.  If you’ve got any interest in PC games, you’ve probably at least heard about the controversy surrounding the endings to Mass Effect 3, and this DLC was an attempt by Bioware to address many of the concerns had by fans.

So I took a couple hours to storm through the ending of the game to see what Bioware had offered here.  I fought my way through the Cerberus base, went through the Kai Leng boss fight again, then moved on to re-take Earth from the Reapers.  It’s an arduous experience, filled to the brim with some of the toughest enemies the game has to offer — tall creatures that teleport around the field and one-hit kill you with their mighty claws if they get too close, brutes that storm through barricades and trample over you, just flooding the place.  It’s a pretty epic build up to the end.

I fight my way through, race down into the Beam that’ll bring me to the very end of the game, where the star child presents you with the three options we had before:  Control, Synthesis, and Destroy.  While trying to decide which ending I want to get to, I accidentally click my mouse and my gun goes off at the star child.

This happens:


I don’t think I’ve laughed quite so much in a while.


Also, in the Synthesis ending, there’s an expression on the Husk’s face post-Synthesis that’s absolutely heartbreaking — it really looks to me like it just regained its human mind, along with the realization of what it is and what it’s done.  I’m not sure if that’s even what they were going for, but that’s how I read it…