So Ki thinks I’m exceptionally geeky for knowing that Optimus Prime used to be named Orion Pax, and wants me to feel ashamed of myself.

I think she is dumb and also should shut up.


Wednesday’s page is gonna be up a little late.  No good reason for it, just that I had a lot of problems focusing on the comic all day, so progress was glacial.  It’s still like… I dunno, halfway done?  It shouldn’t take too long to get it finished tomorrow, hopefully.

Also, Friday’s page is probably going to be late too, because on Thursday I’m going to Ki’s brother’s graduation.  He’s a little smartass, and scored something like a 4.3 GPA with so many freaking… special tassles on his hat that it keeps flopping off.  I guess we’re proud of him, but Goddamn!  What a nerd.

I’ll still work hard to get those pages up on those days though!  Feel free to wroth and rage at me ’til I do.