I specifically avoided putting any dialogue over her butt

to preserve the… drama of the scene.  yes.



Friday’s update will probably be a little late.  I’ve got a surprise job interview tomorrow, but I’ll get to work on the comic as soon as I get home to make sure it’s up sometime early on Friday.

I really only mention this because, according to my traffic data, the majority of you are viewing the comic sometime around the witching hour instead of sleeping like regular people.


Ki needs me to drive her to work in the morning for a completely valid and acceptable reason, and then we’re tied up for pretty much the entire day.

The page is well on its way to completion, but it won’t be up until Friday night.  I deeply apologize, and beg your forgiveness — you guys have no idea how much it bothers me to not deliver the page on time.  This is a fine example of why I should have been working with a buffer!