Ha ha!  Women!  You can’t do anything right for them!  Am I right guys?


Well anyway.

I recently got my hands on an Intuos5 tablet, and I’m enjoying the shit out of it.  My only real issue is the pen nibs — on my Intuos3, the nibs lasted forever, and I’m an incredibly heavy-handed dude when I draw.  On the Intuos5 pens, though, I’ve already burned about halfway through a nib, and I’ve only had the tablet about a week.  I have no idea if they intentionally made them softer or what… but at least, unlike the Intuos3, its pen stand was full of nibs.

Check this shit out.

Dino Embyros

Freakin’ dinosaur embyros! Awesome. Also you can maybe see another nib that I sort of wore down before switching it out.

Anyhow, see you on Monday.