EDIT 3/2015:

Welcome to the new prologue!  I’ve updated the art for these pages.  Ep 1 is next for an update, although that’s a long way off for now…


Happy Easter!  Here’s page iii with a weird egg thing.  This wasn’t planned, it just sort of worked out that way.

Man, it’s even colored like a reverse Cadbury Creme egg

Anyway!  The plan at present is to put up Page iv on Tuesday, and Page v on Thursday, which will wrap up this Prologue.

After that, I’m going to try for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule once I begin Episode 1.  I might take a week to wrap up the script for the first episode, but I still have a whole week to work on it while finishing the Prologue, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll dive right into the comic proper then!

So that’s the plan.

oh shit

I just spilled tea all over the script

oh shit oh no