Neuse Luon

Age – 19

After her parents died of larynic plague while she was still very young, she went to live with her uncle in the city of Vauntaa, until it was attacked and firebombed by the Rocievan military.  When troops began marching into the city, her uncle was murdered inside their home.  She was later found by Tens inside a burning building, clutching an injured owl and a strange, egg-shaped scepter.  Tens helped her escape the city, and together they’ve been on the run since, trying to stay ahead of the advancing front.  Along the way, they’ve been attacked several times by strange creatures that Tens describes as “revenants” — people mutilated and changed into monsters.

She has sworn to find and kill the man she believes responsible for the death of her uncle, known throughout the world as the Ironclad Man.

Iacchus “Tens” Khavol

Age – 24

A Mason that worked out of the Vauntaa branch.  He was one of only a few to study under the Proxy of Uyrsem, becoming proficient  in chemistry, incendiaries, and alchemy, among other disciplines.  He also studied history and mythology, focusing heavily on the Sidhe that Masons are said to worship and, in some cases, feared.  Gaining a notorious reputation for dangerous interests, he was known to spend a great deal of time in the deeper levels of the Tower, studying the old words of the Sidhe themselves.

After the Rocievans attacked, he was one of the last to leave the city, staying behind to fight fires and delay the military.  When time came to leave, he stumbled across Luon, and helped her get out of the city alive.  They’ve been traveling together for over a month before boarding the river boat Hangman.

Karren Anthi

Age – 27

Towards the end of a failed war of expansion in Brenales, Karren was drafted into the military and fought in several major aggressive battles.  In the face of a rising number of nations opposing them, and facing sanctions against them by the Masons, Brenales ended its campaign and ceded claimed territories back to their rightful owners, bottling themselves up behind their borders.  Karren was discharged without pay, as her government had gone nearly bankrupt fighting the war.

Afterwards, she and her grandfather snuck across the border.  As a former Mason, her grandfather still had enough contacts throughout the world that could help them get across national lines and away from Brenales.  After six years traveling, however, her grandfather grew sick and passed away, leaving Karren with little more than the clothes on her back.  She then took a job loading and unloading cargo on the river boat Hangman.


An owl Luon found injured while escaping the burning buildings in Vauntaa.  She has been caring for it since.


A large bear that speaks to Luon in her dreams.

Konophus “Knoph” Rautio

Luon’s uncle, who took her in when her parents died.  He and Luon lived out of the store he owned in downtown Vauntaa, and was well known to do business with the local Masons.

On the night of the Rocievan attack on Vauntaa, his store was raided by soldiers before he was murdered, leaving Luon to escape the burning city on her own.

Colonel Pejari Neserove

A colonel in the Rocievan military, and current governor of the occupation forces in Vauntaa.  He thinks himself a fair man, but is not above using force to get what he wants.