About the Artist:

I write and draw this comic.  My name is Matt, but I sign the webcomic as M. Franklin Hance because, come on guys, that name is fancy as shit.


About the Comic:

“A young woman pursues a dangerous man across a world at war.”

The Ironclad Man is a fantasy webcomic.  It started out as an attempt to write a novel, but then finally (finally!) coalesced into comic form.

The story is essentially about a young woman named Luon, as we follow her journey across a continent in pursuit of the titular Ironclad Man.  Along with her is Iacchus “Tens” Khavol, a rather clever “wizard” of low stature, and a severely injured owl.  The world around them is aflame with war and a strange plague, and even stranger things are being stirred up as everything falls apart.

One of the questions a person might ask is “Why does your comic look like shit?”.  The reason is that, so far, the comic has been pretty experimental.  At present (5/10/12), I’ve barely reached the halfway point of the first episode, and a crawl through the archives reveals a startlingly rapid change of style.  It’s more stable right now, but I will eventually go back and re-do the beginning of this episode so it fits in better.

I intend to keep the comic around a PG-13 rating.  No nudity, but there may be scenes of gore — these will be pretty few and far between, though, and never truly explicit gore.  I doubt I’ll ever have to label a page NSFW.  As far as language goes, it’ll probably be about on par with your average episode of It’s Always Sunny.  Maybe some F-bombs, I’m not sure yet.