• Mark Linimon

    Congrats on the updates, looking forward to more.

  • Kevgor

    Woo! I thought I wasn’t going to see this story continue. I look forward to future pages!

    • http://ironcladman.com/ M. Franklin Hance

      The comic will never end as long as I’m alive

      so if I take any more lengthy hiatuses, the question isn’t “will this comic come back”, but “how awesome was this cool dude’s radical demise? probably incredibly, like jumping off of a building after a villain with a jet pack and jamming a stick of dynamite in its jet nozzle while grabbing a stay rope from a falling balloon full of orphans and tying it to a gargoyle before doing a sick flip off a hangglider’s high-five hand and power kicking a kill-crazy robot’s faceplate in”

      and then the comic updates and everyone finds out I’m not actually that cool

      • Kevgor

        Eh, I dunno, maybe I’m boring, but I tend to prefer comics to death. And maybe I’m a nerd, but updating a webcomic definitely puts you in my cool people book.

      • Number 6

        Hmmm…it’s been a couple months since an update….

        **Googles internet for reports of awesome deaths**

  • Jeryk

    Cool~ some more content! Dig your art and the world you created! Always appreciate a good story and thus your efforts:) ~ Will continue to check in. Rock on and look forward to more!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  • spas

    aha! i see now you don’t even have a links section! good to have nudniks around to nudge you! add goblins of razard to the list that i suggest you offer link trades with.